About Us


To provide a high standard of care and education
To create a warm and safe environment
To support each child to reach their full potential
To maintain a fun and happy setting
To promote socially acceptable behaviour
To support the children emotionally
To treat each child as an individual
To maintain high levels of hygiene and safety


Our highly experienced team consists of a Qualified Early Years Teacher, Early Years Professional, several Graduates who specialise in Early Years, as well as fully trained Nursery Nurses. The ratios we maintain are, as a minimum, at the level required for by Ofsted – but often exceed this level.

Continuity of care is considered to be vital in the care of your child and the nursery is staffed with both full and part time staff who work as a team.  Our staff turnover is low, we occasionally accept trainees into our nursery who are supervised thoroughly by our senior staff.  We operate a “keyworker” system so that you will have a named point of contact for any concerns or queries that you may have.

Our passionate staff are chosen not only for their “paper” qualifications but also for the genuine love and sensitivity that they have been able to demonstrate in working with babies and young children and the ability to respond to their needs.


The Government and early years professionals define the time in your child’s life between birth and age 5 years as The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). It sets the standards for learning, development and care for children during this period. We follow the legal document called the EYFS Framework.


Upon registering at Rainbow Bright, your child will be assigned a Key Person. This is the named member of staff assigned to an individual child to support his/her development and act as the key point of contact with that child’s parent/carers. This is the named member of staff with whom a child has more contact than other adults. The Key Person has special responsibilities for working with a small number of children. They are also responsible for filling in your child’s “Learning Journey.” This consists of a folder documenting your child’s progress through observations and photos.  We welcome you to ask about your child’s development at any time and regularly send home “Learning Journeys” to get your feedback as well.


Play serves several valuable purposes. It is how children develop their physical, intellectual, emotional, social, and moral capabilities. It is how they create friendships. It aids in the development of reasoning, problem solving, and creative endeavours.  At Rainbow Bright, we facilitate learning play so that children have a warm and safe environment whereby they can reach their full potential.


As well as our own singing and instrument sessions, we regularly have music and drama sessions with guests like Pyjama Drama. These allow the children to explore different aspects of music and rhythm, helping them to foster a love of music by using songs and rhymes and rhythms. It also helps to bring out their creative side through stories and role-play games.


We offer a balance of activities both indoor and outdoor based.  Our rooms are set up with age appropriate equipment and toys that are regularly cleaned and changed to ensure lots of stimulation and plenty of opportunity to learn through play.  Adult initiated play/exploration is always based upon the children’s individual interests and development.  Messy and creative play is offered every day in our specialist Art Area.


Our daily timetable is planned to ensure that each baby and child gains the most from their time at nursery.  There is a balance of both adult and child led activities and plenty of time for free play.   Outdoor play, arts and crafts, computer skills, reading, rest time, baking, construction, books, jigsaws and specialist equipment are just some of the activities on offer. We follow The Early Years Foundation Stage that your child will follow right up until the age of 5 years i.e. into reception class.  We share your child’s Learning Journey with you, you are able to contribute to this, and see how they are progressing in various areas of learning.


Mealtimes at nursery are a very social time where we hope to encourage healthy eating habits at an early age.  We have a mid-morning snack of milk and fruit, a 2-course hot lunch is served at 12 noon, an afternoon snack and a light tea at around 3.45pm.  For babies please speak to a member of staff with regard to usual feeding habits and the integration of nursery food when desired.  Meals are cooked on the premises daily and we aim to serve lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.  We use whole wheat and do not serve processed foods such as nuggets and steam/bake wherever possible.  Special dietary requirements can be catered for.  Daily food intake records are shared with you each day. We do not use juices or squash; water and milk are readily available.